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Imagining better policy: Evidence published by House of Lords Select Committee

Posted on October 24 2017 in News, News & Updates

In September The House of Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic engagement sent out a call for evidence to individuals, groups and organisations who might be able to provide an insight into some of the challenges facing people and communities in these uncertain, changing times.

As well as wanting to understand the nature of the citizenship challenge, the select committee wanted to identify new ways of building bridges within and between communities – exactly the kind of work the Imagine project has been involved in over the past five years.

Our paper has now been published on the House of Lords website. In it we stress, among other things, the importance of co-production and the need for funding for experimental, arts based community projects.

You can download a PDF version of the paper here.

Submissions of evidence from other organisations can be found on the House of Lords Website.

This comes after The Imagine Project received a letter from the Race Disparity Unit in the Cabinet Office, in which Imagine was praised for being able to ‘contribute to shaping policy through mobilising knowledge from different perspectives.’